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Why is OPPO R17 Pro so red?

Why is OPPO R17 Pro so red?

I don’t know when I started, I have a kind of obsession with the red phone. After the release of the red iPhone 8 Plus, I apparently said that its screen ratio is much lower than that of the iPhone X, but the wallet in my hand is very honest, and I finally bought one.

Maybe because red is more indicative of the enthusiasm of the Sagittarius boy, or it may just be because the red phone is more distinctive in the same iPhone, or the red phone and the New Year atmosphere. In short, every time I pull out the iPhone 8 Plus, I will put the red back side up, look at it carefully, and then turn it over to unlock the phone.

But the red iPhone 8 is not meant to celebrate China’s New Year, but a long-term collaboration between Apple and the Product RED, which aims to raise funds for HIV prevention projects in Africa to improve public health awareness. The profits generated from the sale of these special products will be 1% gifted to the public welfare project.

But my red phone complex didn’t weaken. After I bought the iPhone 8 Plus, I tried to buy a variety of red Android phones, some of which are red metal back covers, some are red curved faces. 3D glass back cover. But they are just a red phone, neither design nor functional, there is no highlight that appeals to me. In September, when new mobile phones were launched, their fate was sold to other users who like red phones, just like the red iPhone 8 Plus.

Golden Pig’s New Year’s design

The red New Year version of the OPPO R17 Pro allows me to see a different design. The red color of the R17 Pro is different from Apple’s “Red Plan”, which is a more grounded “New Year Red”. So the R17 Pro’s red is slightly lighter than the deeper red of the iPhone 8 Plus, and it’s a more festive atmosphere when illuminated by the lights.

R17 Pro’s hard power

As the best-selling R-series of the OPPO, the R17 and R17 Pro are their hottest “family-in-a-life”, and the hardest thing I can see is the R17 Pro’s super flash.

This fast charging technology was first used on Find X. Its technical principle is to connect two batteries in series, and with a charging head close to 50W power, to achieve superfast charging, Find X 3400 mAh battery only takes 35 minutes. It can be full. I didn’t believe that the future came when Find X was released, until I experienced Super Flash on the R17 Pro.

How terrible is the OPPO R17 Pro’s super flash? I returned to my home phone and still have 67% of the electricity. I picked up the microblog after picking up the fast charge, cut a video for 10 seconds, and looked up at the power in the upper right corner, 87%. This is the comment I wrote in the circle of friends. When I finished this comment, the power is already 89%.

This can already be listed as a mobile phone experience of “can’t go back”, even if you find that you forgot to charge your phone before getting up in the morning, you can connect it to the power supply in time. When you wash it, the R17 Pro is probably fully charged.

Another good news is that OPPO has also collaborated with Pokémon to customize the Pikachu version of the mobile power supply. Of course, the appearance is not the focus, the focus is that the Pikachu charging treasure uses the super flash charging speed to replenish the R17 Pro, and the charging treasure itself “returns blood” is also the speed of VOOC flash charging.

The R17 Pro deserves to be the “professional student” of OPPO “charge for five minutes, talk for two hours”.

It is unreasonable that such a R17 Pro is not red.

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