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Why do poor people like to use apples more and more and the rich people like to use Huawei more and more?

Why do poor people like to use apples more and more, and the rich people like to use Huawei more and more?

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Now our country’s mobile phone industry is developing rapidly. Every time, new mobile phone accessories are ready to replace the old ones, and old mobile phone accessories are ready to disappear. New mobile phone bugs will be discovered every moment. Being patched by people, I can’t help but sigh that the development of the mobile phone industry can be really too fast. Even choosing a mobile phone has become a difficult problem for the people of the country. But now many people find that the poor in China now like to use the iPhone, and the rich people will use Huawei’s mobile phone, and want to know why they will continue to watch it.

We all know that the three giants of mobile phone brands in the world are: Apple, Samsung Group, and the last one is our domestic brand Huawei. However, due to the quality control problems of Samsung mobile phone manufacturing, it is always easy to have such a thing. It is not the self-ignition of the battery or the problem of the screen color. It is always the case that the Chinese people use the Samsung mobile phone when the small heart is raised. And Samsung’s sales in China account for less than one percent of China’s total mobile phone sales, so today we don’t mention Samsung, the big brother of the global smartphone industry that broke our hearts.

There is a saying that has been circulating in our mobile phone market for a long time. It is called rich people who use Huawei, and no money to use apples. I have to say that when Huawei has not broken through itself, Apple is the big man of the industry. Rich people buy Apple mobile phones. People without money want to buy Apple mobile phones, which led to Apple’s smartphone market in China at that time. It is really a big one. However, with the continuous innovation of Huawei mobile phones in recent years, continuous research and development, mobile phones are becoming more and more powerful, and more and more people will choose to support our own domestic brands.

Let’s start with the internal configuration of the phone. Apple’s mobile phone has indeed made a breakthrough in the mobile phone system in recent years, but more is aimed at the adaptation problem of the new system on the mobile phone a few years ago. The design of the entire mobile phone is not very targeted. Although it is known that Apple mobile phones are expensive to focus on high-level people, they are too few to series, and there is no division of high-level people. Business needs are different, and they are not differentiated. Another problem with Apple’s mobile phone is that the price/performance ratio is not high. The online data shows that the profit of our domestic brand Huawei mobile phone is only 10%, but Apple’s annual profit is more than 40%. From here, you are not difficult to see. The price of Apple’s mobile phone is just empty, and the price/performance ratio is really not high.

If you are a person who needs to do a lot of business activities or is busy researching the development of science and technology, you don’t care about the price of mobile phones. You only care about the mobile phone when you don’t have a computer. You only care if the mobile phone can be advanced enough. When we control your equipment, let’s take a look at the entire smartphone market that has been constantly evolving and constantly innovating. The Huawei mobile phone with more mobile phones and features is more important than the Apple mobile phone. Satisfied a lot.

As far as the mobile phone system is concerned, we all know that Apple’s mobile phone uses its own iOS system, and our Huawei mobile phone uses Android. Although the security of the Apple system is higher than that of the Android system, with the continuous development of the Android system, the security of the Android system can also satisfy our mobile phone users. In addition, the Android system is a system used by domestic mobile phone manufacturers in China. Even if you change the brand of mobile phones, it is very easy for you to get started quickly. But if you have been using the domestic mobile phone system before, if you suddenly change the iOS system of Apple’s mobile phone, it will take some time to adapt to the new system.

There is also the “good face” of our Chinese. A few years ago, the price of Apple’s mobile phone in China’s smart phone market is really not beautiful compared to the price of other domestic mobile phones. If you have an Apple mobile phone, it means that the bottom of the home is really good, resulting in The Apple mobile phone has become a face-lifting thing in our eyes.

From the price point of view, now Huawei of our domestic brand is also “not to be outdone”, the price of Huawei’s mate20 business version just released is 16800. Seeing this figure, let Xiaobian suck a bite, this price is better than iPhone XS. Max’s 9599 (official quote) is much more expensive. But looking at the overall configuration of the mate20 and the positioning of the mobile phone concept, I think it is worth the price.

After reading the above points, everyone should know why he said that rich people use huawei, and that they have no money to use the iPhone. Even so, the main concept of Apple’s mobile phones and Huawei’s mobile phones is different. Don’t take this sentence too seriously. Nowadays, the smart phone industry in China and the world is developing very well. I want to pick a mobile phone with high cost performance and mobile phone performance that meets my requirements. You should not limit it to that one.

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