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|||The result of the final match was not valid, Eoin morgan|||

The England Cricket Team captain Eion Morgan says the result of the final match in London was not valid. He said that the difference between the two teams was not too big. . EionMorgan has said that Superior’s law is beyond understanding and in his opinion the result of the final was not accurate and valid.

Added that the defeat of Pakistan and Sri Lanka was not less than the squad for the England team, after both the defeat, our team tried to learn and the team did not make any further mistakes. In the final match of the Cricket World Cup 2019, England and New Zealand went to the super over in a dramatic manner, where England was declared victorious for putting more bounces after the score was tied again.

The match was made super overs when England first made 15 runs while batting and the New Zealand team was able to score 15 runs in their superstar, and Martin Gupta was taking the second run on the last ball. According to the rules, the final decision was made on the number of boundaries made by the two teams. England scored 17 balls in their innings, while New Zealand won the World Cup England when there was super over tie.

In a British newspaper, interviewing a British newspaper, England team Oin Morgan said that it is correct that the final match was good, but we have also become difficult to win the World Cup. If we lose our problems, we should increase our problems. Why Morgan did not go to New Zealand? He said that after his finals, Ken William talked several times, he also said that the law of Super Over did not understand them, it seemed like both teams were giving each other a chance, Both of them gave several opportunities to win each other.

Oren Morgan said that during the super over our eyes were also part of the spectacular, a spectacle was a heart attack in an angel of Lord, at that time madness was on rise. The visitor’s heart was also in our eyes, medical aid was being given. Morgan said that the difference between the two teams was less. The win was not easy for any team, seeing the way the downplay was visible in the final.


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