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Samsung Note 9 Review Unique design and a very high quality imaging system

Samsung Note 9 evaluation: unique design, and a very high quality imaging system!

A few days ago, Xiaobian’s friend received the Samsung Note 9 128GB sent by Samsung to Xiaobian. Xiaobian also used it for a while. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Xiaobian will give you a simple start-up experience and tell everyone what it is. Function and advantage or the meaning of its existence. In fact, the first contact with this phone was at the press conference in Shanghai. The configuration of this phone is also relatively high in the same period. The Snapdragon 845 processor is equipped with 6GB or 8GB of memory. So what about this phone?

Samsung Note 9 screen

At the same time, its screen size is 6.4 inches, the pixel density reaches 516ppi, of course, its pixels are also very high, the screen ratio is 18.5 to 9, and the front is equipped with an 8 megapixel camera, the screen looks very high quality. The overall software running speed is actually very smooth, because the current version is 8.1, but the fluency is completely acceptable, because after all, 9.0 will have a faster response speed.

Samsung Note 9 performance introduction

Xiaobian used An Bunny to test its performance. After all, many mobile phones have been used. Xiaobian actually looks forward to this phone. Although it is also using the Snapdragon 845, its score is up to For 284621, the score is not low.

On this mobile phone, Xiaobian’s favorite is the latest stylus. After a long time, Xiaobian thinks that if the stylus is just drawn on the mobile phone, Xiaobian doesn’t think much, but Samsung does. Functional changes, this Xiaobian is still quite admired.

This generation of Note 9 has been greatly upgraded on the stylus. First of all, it has added Bluetooth function. It has a built-in battery. It only needs to put the pen ratio in the pen tray for about 40 seconds, which can basically reach 30. Minutes of use time, personally prefer to use the pen to take some photos on the camera, such as long press to flip, short press to take a photo, this function actually solves some of the problems in the small series of life, usually always To purchase an additional Bluetooth remote control, it is really free now, of course, this pen has more functions.

Samsung Note 9 photo introduction

When it comes to taking pictures, you can’t help mention Samsung, because every time Samsung plays the camera function on its flagship machine, for example, this time equipped with dual 12 million cameras, the aperture can be adjusted 1.5 or 2.4, that is, in the dark There is no problem under light conditions. The camera software that I carry is almost all the functions and camera functions that can be photographed, so the overall software is very powerful. With such a picture, what kind of picture can the camera bring to us? Everyone can imagine, take pictures. The quality really surprised Xiaobian. If you have a 512GB mobile phone, plus an external 512GB memory card, you can expand the capacity by more than 1TB.

Samsung Note 9’s battery life introduction

The battery life has always been a place where many people are criticized. Fortunately, this time Samsung can do it. Compared with the previous generation of Note8, this Samsung Note9 is equipped with a large amount of 4000 mAh. It can be used for a day. You are a heavy mobile phone user, don’t worry, it is equipped with a wireless fast charging dual-machine at the same time, which means that if you have extra mobile phones, don’t worry, just put your phone on when you sleep at night.

Samsung Note 9 performance

Snapdragon 845 is actually a game artifact in the minds of many mobile phone players. Samsung seems to be the main business, but its game function is not weak at all. It is equipped with a game center, which can distribute performance for different games. Power usage will be very advantageous in the game.

In fact, when using Samsung S9+ before, I feel that the fingerprint recognition speed of the back is not very fast, but this time Note 9 is solved, the touch level is unlocked, so its improvement is still quite like. In addition, it is obviously faster than the Samsung S9+ in unlocking speed, and the overall running speed is also optimized in one step, so now Samsung note 9 is the level of the machine, and the fastest among the Samsung phones, the deadline is now. However, its iris unlocking and facial unlocking response speed is not as good as that of Xiaobian, but it does not affect its commercial use.

Samsung Note 9 stylus

Through the function of the stylus, we can realize some functions of our work, such as drawing pictures at any time, or translating. Here is an example. For example, the boss asks you to go to Japan for business trip, you have to know about Japan. Something, so you may have some text that is not clear. At this time, you can use the translation function to hover your love on the text to perform a rough translation. Of course, in addition to business people who love this kind of function, this mobile phone and such functions are also suitable for students at school. For example, some students want to learn some pictures, or they have children who want to learn to draw. You can just let it draw a picture directly with your mobile phone. Xiaobian thinks that through such a brushstroke operation, the mobile phone can more fully reflect some multi-functional complexes in a certain degree, which can actually replace some things. Xiaobian hopes that this pen will have more features to join later.

Xiaobian point of view

For the development of smartphones to the present level, Xiaobian feels that Samsung has become more and more complete in the Note series, especially since it has added many functions that we usually did not expect, so it is very excellent in business study office. In fact, sometimes Xiaobian needs to feel a bit, because Samsung is really getting better and better in the Note series. The previous generation Xiaobian still thinks that its value is very high, although after the whole volume of this belt becomes larger Xiaobian feels that the touch is more excellent than the S9+. Excellent screen, unique design, high quality imaging system, coupled with long battery life, fast response speed and excellent body waterproof make this phone suddenly become a favorite of Xiaobian.


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