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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 What we want to see

The latest news: There are rumors that the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is 6.66 inches, which is bigger than the Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 requires powerful features to make this series a focus of attention. There aren’t too many news leaks or rumors about Galaxy Note 10, but we have listed a list of what we want from Samsung and its next-generation flagship tablet to help drive this. The phone reaches the top.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is full of features and technologies, but in many ways it still feels like a small upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Therefore, although we like it very much, we hope that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will have a bigger performance. We hope to make major and fundamental changes and upgrades to further justify the inevitable huge price.

As for Samsung Galaxy pay attention to 10 prices, note that starting at $1000 ($899, $1,499), it becomes more expensive if you want more storage and more memory.

Given that smartphone prices seem to be generally rising, we expect Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to sell at least this level.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Screen

The only real news we have heard about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 so far is that it will obviously have a 6.66-inch screen. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a screen size of 6.4 inches. Although we have reservations about this phone, the phone is credible given the growing size of the phone screen.The more obscure news is that the codename for Galaxy Note 10 is obviously “Da Vinci.”Leonardo da Vinci is a famous painter who may suggest an upgrade to the S pen, but it is unclear what the specific upgrade is. Leonardo da Vinci is also very talented in many other ways, so this also means that Note 10 will be a multi-function phone.

In addition, we can make some educated guesses about the features that Note 10 might provide. First, based on past performance, the Samsung Galaxy S10 may use the same chipset as the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Now, we don’t know what it will use, but it’s almost certain that it will launch the latest high-end Snapdragon chipset (probably Snapdragon 855) in the US and the latest Exynos chipset elsewhere.

The Galaxy S10 is also said to be equipped with an on-screen fingerprint scanner and a three-lens rear camera, so these features are likely to appear on the Galaxy Note 10.

It is almost certain that Note 10 will also have a curved super AMOLED screen. Considering that all of Samsung’s flagships have waterproof features recently, you may also think about waterproofing.

Of course, the S Pen will return, but there are likely to be some new features and improvements.

  1. A customizable Bixby button

Although Samsung may want us to use Bixby to support Google’s assistants, the truth is that, to a large extent, it’s not so good, and Google has so many lead so that we suspect it will never lead.

Except for Samsung insisting on installing the physical button Bixby on the Note phone, this will not be a problem, so for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, we either want to delete it or hope it can be customized, so it can be set to start outside Bixby things.

  1. HDR video recording

Many high-end phones can now record HDR video, but Galaxy Note 9 doesn’t work. This is a pity because this is an obvious weakness in the camera, otherwise it is great.

So we really want to see the HDR recordings provided by the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Not only is there any HDR, but also 4K HDR (also available from some competitors) so that it can produce a video that looks just as good as a photo.

  1. Fingerprint scanner inside the screen

On the back of Note 9, there is a fingerprint scanner that can achieve the front thin border (although still closer to the bottom border than we would like to see), but to be sure, it makes it harder to touch than the previous scanner.

We also pointed out in the comments that it is too small, too close to the camera, it is easy to accidentally hit it and dirty the lens.

So for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, we want the scanner to be on the front, not at the bottom of the screen, we want it to be built into the screen, just like some phones now offer.

  1. Brand new look

Note 9 is a good-looking mobile phone, but it is similar in design to the previous models, and the phone’s border feels a bit bigger than the iPhone X and Huawei P20 Pro.

So we hope to see the design overhaul of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. It can keep the water’s resistance and the curved screen, but hopefully the rest of the design will change to something fresher and more modern.

  1. Lower price

There is no doubt that Note 9 is a very, very expensive phone, and we expect the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to be at least as expensive.

But we hope not. If Samsung can lower the price by a few hundred dollars per pound, then its appeal may be much greater.

  1. Improve facial recognition

Galaxy Note 9 has both iris scanning and facial recognition, but as we pointed out in the comments, even if these sensors are combined, they can’t match Apple’s facial recognition function, so we hope to see Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in There are real improvements in this area.

This may mean implanting more and better cameras and sensors on our faces so that our faces can form accurate 3D images.

This can be expensive, and removing the border can be cumbersome, but it might be worthwhile if it brings a fast, safe scanner that is suitable for almost all lighting.

  1. More durable battery

Samsung has increased the battery capacity of the Galaxy Note 9 to 4,000 mAh, which can be used for more than one day.This is a good job, but we would like to see further improvements to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, especially considering that the battery will wear out over time, so if you plan to use it on your phone for two years or more.You may notice that the life of this phone will be significantly shortened in the end.

At this point, if Samsung can make the battery’s power consumption drop slower, it is also worthy of appreciation.

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