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OPPO peak strikes: Xiao long 720 4800w perforated screen Price is very conscience

OPPO peak strikes: Xiao long 720 4800w perforated screen Price is very conscience

OPPO mobile phone as one of the representatives of high-quality domestic mobile phones, the speed of releasing new machines is also faster, in order to walk in the front of the market trend, OPPO has never slackened, has been insisting on independent research and development, production of high-quality mobile phones that satisfy the public. At the same time, we also pay great attention to the development of foreign markets, and we attach great importance to the huge space of foreign markets, so we often try to promote ourselves in foreign media. This is not. Recently, OPPO has new faces. Some foreign media have exposed a very good OPPO concept machine. Xiaobian has obtained some renderings and related information of the aircraft, so I would like to take this opportunity to share with you. .

The OPPO peak strikes, the first is the front design of this concept new machine. According to the data, the screen of this OPPO phone is 6.2 inches in size, canceling the design of the top frame, only a little left at the bottom border. The screen of the machine adopts the currently more fashionable perforated screen design. Compared with other special-shaped screen designs, the advantages of the perforated screen are mainly reflected in: the space occupied by the punching is small, and the screen ratio can be effectively improved, for example, The machine’s screen ratio is 96%. In addition, the resolution of the screen is 2340×1080 pixels, the color value is 1600w, so both in terms of sharpness and color reproduction, there is excellent performance, and operation on such a high-definition screen is a visual enjoyment. In addition, the machine’s screen aspect ratio is 19.5:9, the slender body is also relatively easy to use. The design of this perforated screen is considered to be the peak of OPPO.

The front camera of this phone is located in the center of the top of the screen, its pixels are 2200w pixels, and the aperture size is F/2.2. According to the data, the front position of the aircraft will be added with infrared facial recognition technology, which can more accurately and effectively identify the face during the shooting process. In addition, in this era of rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, the front camera is also equipped with a number of AI self-timer technology. For example, its AI video real-time beauty function can intelligently track faces and help you achieve dynamic beauty. Another example is its AI nude makeup beauty function, which can lighten your natural nude makeup for a more realistic and natural beauty effect. It’s like saying in the poem that “the thick makeup is always appropriate”!

In the back of the fuselage of the machine, placed its rear camera, this rear camera has two lenses, the total pixel is 4800w pixels, the pixels of these two lenses are 2800w+2000w pixels, respectively It is F/1.6+F/2.3. There is a 125° large wide-angle lens that allows for ultra-wide-angle shots to help you capture more scenes at the same distance. Moreover, the camera also has a micro-focus function, which can give you a clearer picture when shooting close objects. In addition, the camera’s ability to shoot video is also super strong, it can support 120fps under 1080P and 120fps ultra-clear video recording under 720P, the video effect is very clear.

The core configuration is self-evident for the importance of a mobile phone, so let’s introduce the information about this machine. According to relevant information, the phone will be equipped with an eight-core processor of the Snapdragon 720. As a mid-range god U, the processor’s capabilities are much better than the previous Snapdragon 710. The machine also has 6G and 8G running memory, as well as 64G, 128G and 256G storage memory. In the unlocking mode, the machine is equipped with facial recognition technology and on-screen fingerprint unlocking technology. It must be said that as a mid-range mobile phone, it is indeed very conscience to be able to carry on-screen fingerprint unlocking technology.

Finally, the battery of this phone is introduced. According to the data, the battery will be equipped with 3500 mAh, which is a non-removable lithium battery, and the battery also supports extremely fast charging, which can increase the charging speed to four of ordinary mobile phones. More than this, in today’s world where speed and efficiency are all about, this is undoubtedly very important. In the interface selection, this time the phone uses the Type-C interface, but also retains the 3.5mm headphone jack. In addition, the machine also uses an all-aluminum body, which can effectively protect the mobile phone, and looks elegant and generous in appearance, so it should be welcomed by many people.

From the screen to all aspects of the machine, the machine has a strong brand style, has added a lot of popular elements, each design reflects the intention of OPPO. All in all, the OPPO’s new face as a mid-range mobile phone, OPPO can do this, it can be said that it is very worthy of users. In terms of price, according to the disclosure, it will be around 1999. If it is such a price, it can be said that the price is very conscience. How much is the price of the new machine suitable?


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