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iPhone re-issued new machine 3D structure light drilling screen 49 million strongest flagship bright big move

iPhone re-issued new machine: 3D structure light + drilling screen + 49 million strongest flagship bright big move

The popularity of iPhones in the world is very high, and has been loved by many consumers. The reason why they are loved by so many consumers is because the design of the iPhone is very delicate, and secondly because of the iPhone system and The processor is only available on the iPhone. There are still some reasons why the author will not elaborate. It is the reason for this series that makes the iPhone popular in the market to a very high degree. Made a very good result. Recently, some media have exposed the parameters and renderings of an iPhone concept machine. This phone uses a drill screen design on the screen, and adopts the current trend design on the rear. Let’s take a look at it with the author. This new iPhone.

At present, there are various designs on the screen of mobile phones on the market, and there are many designs of the trend. The design of the iPhone in the screen is the current trend of the drilling screen design, retaining a very narrow upper and lower borders, this design is a lot in the current market, the reason is more because of consumption I like this screen design. The screen size of this phone is 6.3 inches, using a high-definition OLED screen, the screen accuracy is very high. The resolution of the screen is 2340×1080 pixels, the color value is 16 million, the picture quality is very clear, and the color seems to be at your fingertips. The aspect ratio of the screen is a design ratio of 19:9, which is very comfortable on the touch.

iPhone will launch a new machine

The iPhone will launch a new machine. It can be seen from the renderings that the new iPhone camera is embedded in the screen. The two cameras are embedded in the upper middle of the screen. There are only two cameras on the screen and there are no redundant components. It looks like Much like two eyes, it is very smart and can bring a very spiritual illusion to vision. The front-mounted dual-camera mobile phone is not a lot in the current market, and it has great appeal to the eyes of consumers, which can make consumers have great interest. Secondly, this mobile phone adopts the latest on-screen sound technology, and the call quality can be well protected. The front dual camera of this mobile phone is 12 million + 5 million pixels, equipped with the latest AI beauty technology. , HDR and other shooting techniques.

The iPhone’s strongest flagship bright big move, the current design on the market is based on three shots, the reason why the three shots are so popular is entirely because of the release of Huawei’s Leica three shots, since then began the post three shots The new era. The new iPhone is designed with a three-shot approach in the rear, and the ultra-wide angle can capture photos that are very satisfying. The three cameras and the LED flash are distributed on two lines. There is no flash point in this arrangement, which is very common in the current market. The rear concept of this iPhone concept machine is 24 million + 20 million + 5 million = 49 million pixels, equipped with the latest AI technology, PDAF phase focusing and other shooting techniques.

The iPhone’s strongest flagship brightening, exposure design, people who have known the iPhone should know that the iPhone is very strong in face recognition technology, and the Face ID technology developed by the company is the 3D structure. Light face recognition technology, the accuracy of identifying people’s faces is very high, the speed of unlocking is very fast, the security index is naturally very high, it is a pity that this phone is not equipped on the current market. Very popular screen fingerprints are unlocked. The phone also has a series of buttons on the frame. The workmanship at the charging port is very delicate. Secondly, the work of the line is very beautiful in the place where the front and back sides and the frame are connected. The 3.5 mm headphone hole is eliminated. The phone is very thoughtful in the handling of details.

The iPhone brand new machine explosion flagship ace, the material widely used in the market is glass material, glass is very low in cost, and secondly it is very good in scratch resistance and anti-fall effect. The new iPhone is made of Corning’s sixth-generation gorilla glass material, which is very resistant to scratching and anti-fall in the effective range. The frame is made of all-metal material, which can be a good machine. The body has a lot of value. The iPhone is equipped with two technologies for charging: wireless charging and fast charging flash charging technology, which can quickly fully charge the mobile phone. It has a built-in 4150 mAh large battery, which is very strong in battery life. .

The iPhone system is very stable, and the iPhone system is also developed by itself. Secondly, this system can only be used on iPhones. Different Android systems can be loaded on many mobile phones. This is one of the reasons why Apple is unique. The processor of this phone is also the A13 developed by Apple. It is also the highest configuration of the A series processor. It is equipped with iOS version on the system, the running memory is 6GB, the storage memory is 128GB/256GB, and the large combination. Space can meet the needs of many consumers. This phone has a great possibility to support 5G networks, reaching IP68 level in dustproof and waterproof.

The iPhone’s new flagship bright big move, this iPhone new machine is really very good in the design of the appearance, the ability to shoot has also improved a lot, the performance is very powerful, the overall concept of this iPhone is very Strong. The author’s introduction to this iPhone is here. What do you think the price of this phone in the market should be?

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