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Huawei shines Kirin 990 processor 12G storage 5G chip Black horse flagship

Huawei shines: Kirin 990 processor 12G storage +5G chip Black horse flagship

It is said that girls change their face faster than the sky, and young people change their male (female) friends faster than girls. According to Xiaobian, now the generation of mobile phones is faster than younger men (female) friends. For those who personally edited, including mobile phones lost, stolen, stuck, updated, etc., Xiaobian has changed 16 mobile phones from graduation to now, and I want to pick up my hands when I think about it! Of course, domestic and foreign products, such as “Lenovo, Samsung, vivo, oppo, Huawei, Apple” can be regarded as too many people, and Xiaobian experienced a turn or feel that China is reliable, especially “Huawei”. It is considered to be the “big brother” in the domestic brand. So today, Xiaobian brings you a new machine of “Huawei” P series, which is named “Huawei P30pro”.

The strength of Huawei’s mobile phone is reappeared. Then the two words of Huawei believe that everyone is familiar with the two words. The brand’s reputation is also spread across the country, including the P20 and P20pro, and the new Mate20 series. Obtained an extraordinary market response, followed by Huawei P30pro strong attack, from the exposure map, just the screen let Xiaobian scare the urine, this new machine uses super AMOLED high-capacity screen full screen touch screen design, will be the current market The screen is almost 100% screen-capable, and the screen size is 6.2 inches. The aspect ratio of the screen is 19.5:9. The screen is ultra-light, ultra-thin, pure, and perfectly perfect.

Huawei P30pro is on the scene. From the design of the exposure, Xiaobian thinks it is wrong. why? Because I only see a smooth screen, without any buttons and borders, Xiaobian is thinking about a problem, why is there no front camera? Don’t you support self-portraits? I also studied it again and suddenly saw the hidden front camera. It was originally equipped with a front-mounted pop-up dual-lens lens, which is consistent with the principle of the card slot. When the camera is taken, the next shot is popped up. They are arranged side by side in parallel, and the LED flash is also used on the right side. The front-end Leica dual-camera effective lens reaches 25 million + 8 million pixels, and is also equipped with AI technology.

Huawei has been a thick and thin product this year. Nowadays, the rear-mounted dual-camera lens and the rear-mounted three-camera lens are widely distributed on the market. The rear camera of the Huawei P30pro is equipped with an AI artificial intelligence chip with a post-Leica three-shot. The three cameras are arranged vertically in the upper part of the back of the screen, and there is an LED flash in the middle. The rear camera’s effective pixels of the new camera reach 60 million+2000+8 million pixels. It also supports 5X optical zoom design and also supports OIS optical zoom. Like the Huawei P20pro, the Leica three-shot, this photo effect is not covered, but there is a fight with the SLR!

Huawei mobile phone zoom in, this P30pro new machine does not follow the design of the previous P20, but also in the appearance and technology to get a qualitative leap, and this new machine screen completely cancel the physical button design, the border design is very narrow. And the aircraft is also equipped with the latest and most popular screen fingerprint recognition results technology, is equipped with 3D face recognition technology, Huawei is Huawei, each new machine listed always allows the majority of consumers to shine, this The body of the P30pro mobile phone is also made of high-end Corning’s latest gorilla sixth-generation glass material, which enhances the tranquility, turbulence and stunning beauty of the whole machine. It is also a very popular design method in the future.

Huawei shines brilliantly. This machine is equipped with the parameters of the Kirin 990 processor 12G storage +5G chip, and it is also the rhythm of the domestic black horse flagship. After the design of the exposure, this time Huawei also spent a lot of effort, this P30pro body material aspect, with a glass material design body. Then the machine also supports wireless charging technology, and also supports IP68 level waterproof and dustproof technology.

Huawei P30 pro is the peak of Huawei’s creation. It is not only the latest processor of Kirin 990, but also the storage space of 10GB, 12GB running memory and storage memory 512GB/1024GB. It is said that this new Huawei machine also supports 1024GB of external large space, which is so “Huawei.” More exciting is that it is said to have a built-in 6000mAh large battery, and the configuration also supports wireless charging technology and QC4.0 fast charging technology, and also supports IP68 level super waterproof function. If you can really implement this in a small series, it is really the “king” in the mobile phone!

Huawei P30 pro is so arrogant, to be honest, Xiaobian has been amazingly equipped with this out-of-print configuration, 100% full screen, pop-up front dual camera, screen fingerprint unlock, 3D face recognition unlock, 9300 pixels before and after, Xiaolong 855 processor, etc., this is the real super high-end machine, super perfect match. If you really implement the configuration shown on the exposure map, then Xiaobian thinks Huawei’s pricing will be in what scope? What price do you expect?


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