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Huawei Nova 4 Everything You Need to Know

In less than a year, Huawei Mobile has launched a variety of models with comprehensive screen solutions. The advanced insight and response speed of cutting-edge new technologies can be seen. Huawei nova4, which was just launched, is the first mobile phone on the market equipped with a down-camera lens technology. What surprises have this brought to consumers this time? Let’s take a look at the Keke’s getting started evaluation.

Huawei Nova 4

The Huawei nova series targets young fashion crowds, so design has always been one of the focus of the product. The nova4 is obviously improved on the basis of the nova3 launched five months ago. The processing technology of the back glass is aligned with the P series, and some color matching versions also add the effect of the gradient color processing. For example, this time we reviewed the honey red version of nova 4, with two-layer coating technology combined with nano-texture technology, different angles of view showing different luster, charming and refined.

On the front of the mobile phone, with the addition of a new full-screen full screen, Huawei’s nova4’s screen share increased to 91.8%, and the overall sense of the screen is significantly stronger than Liu Haiping and Pearl Screen. The nova 4 places the under-screen lens in the upper left corner of the screen. When the dark background is displayed, the front lens is almost integrated with the background, and the 6.4-inch large screen is completely restored to the user.

Thanks to the world’s first punch blind hole solution, Huawei’s nova4 has a screen opening diameter of only 4.5mm, which is the smallest opening in the current screen opening technology, in exchange for further compressing the space occupied by the front lens. It also ensures the realization of a higher screen ratio. As far as observations are concerned, even in the white background, the proactive look of nova4 is not significant, and it will be more acceptable to the public than another screen camera phone that was launched recently.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei’s nova4 is also the opening on the LCD screen. The extreme full-screen can achieve the ultimate effect of Huawei’s first-class strength. It is reported that nova4 specially selected the current minimum front camera (only 3.05mm), and in order to let the lens overcome the influence of liquid crystal screen color shift, ghosting and other light transmittance, it also uses a variety of leading processes.

Huawei Nova 4 Screen overview

In addition, in order to make the nova 4 pole full screen more extreme presentation, Huawei R&D team also redesigned the handset, distance sensor and ambient light sensor, including the patented design of the first ejector distance sensor, micro-seam ambient light sensor, micro-slot The earpieces and hidden LEDs are actually very popular. As for the “chin” of the mobile phone, although the screen packaging process nova4 failed to achieve extremely narrow, in fact, the thickness of 3.9mm has been reduced by 1.7mm than the nova3’s chin, plus the thickness of the left and right frames and the upper frame. Optimization, so it can be called an aesthetic upgrade.

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After various “tossing”, Huawei nova4 changed the display ratio of 19.25:9. Although the resolution of 2310*1080 pixels seems to be quite different, the actual measurement is quite normal in terms of application adaptation. Due to the presence of the camera in the upper left corner, the UI adjustment is mainly performed for the status bar. In the vertical screen state, the fixed system status bar is left at the top of the application, but some third-party APP status bar colors may not be consistent with the system, which is slightly different cvssurvey.com/sss.

As for the game, in most cases, a small part of the nova4 proactive image is displayed in full-screen operation, the impact is almost negligible. If you encounter the camera blocking the control area, just uncheck the application full-screen display in the settings.

Huawei Nova 4 Nova  3 Comparison

Like the face value, the camera function is also a fixed main selling point of the Huawei nova series. This time the nova4 is equipped with a 25-megapixel front lens. Although one less than nova3 is used for front-end blurring, it uses the Sony IMX576 sensor to provide hardware-level HDR Pro capability, which significantly improves the self-timer performance under backlight.

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Of course, the poster-level self-timer continues to be Huawei’s nova4 shooting point, AI photography and beauty continue to iteratively upgrade, plus fun short video effects, Huawei nova4’s front camera continues to have good strength.

For the rear camera, Huawei nova4 upgraded to the rear three cameras, and the high-profile version of the main camera is as high as 48 million pixels, becoming the new competitiveness of the first-line brand 3,000 yuan price model. As for the other two lenses, they are a 16-megapixel super wide-angle lens and a 2 million depth-of-field lens.

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