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How Real Estate industry can benefit from neuromarketing

We could call real estate neuromarketing to apply the knowledge provided by consumer neuroscience to the real estate industry


A characteristic that is usually very marked in real estate agents, is the ability to recognize the needs of their buyers instinctively. They tell stories: “You could be cooking here and through that window watching your son play with the dog in the garden.” “In this wide space all your friends will fit when you have a party”.


Probably without knowing it, many use neuromarketing principles to sell properties: appeal to emotions, activate the sense of belonging and benefit from cognitive biases.


A way in which real estate brokers can improve their opportunities to close a sale, is consciously take advantage of neuromarketing and all the knowledge about the behavior of the consumer that provides.


Adapting the property that is being sold to generate a stronger sensory experience is the way forward.


Beware, this does not mean overloading the senses of people who examine the property, because it would make it more difficult to make a decision. What is sought is that the most senses are involved in the experience.


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An ” Open House ” or day of open doors allow to take advantage of the senses of the buyers.


To stimulate the view, the spaces should have clean appearance and sober decorations. Disorder must be non-existent and neutral colors always work better. For touch, clean surfaces and comfortable furniture. For the taste a good coffee.


The ear is more complicated. Some people argue that it is better to avoid music, because it is impossible to find a style that suits all tastes. Others recommend choosing music based on the age of potential buyers.


In the end, if you choose to have it, it must be of low rhythm and reproduce in a discreet and relaxing volume. The playlist must be long enough or have the option to repeat automatically, so that it does not stop while the potential buyers are there.


Smell can be such a good ally that we dedicate its own section to it.


The power of smells

The odors are processed in the first instance by the olfactory bulb nose, this has direct connections to the amygdala and the hippocampus, two brain areas strongly involved in emotion and memory. Apartment for Rent in Garden Homes Frond N, The Palm Jumeirah


The interesting thing is that the visual, sound and tactile information does not pass through these brain areas. Therefore, the sense of smell is a much more effective and quick way to reach the emotions, so decisive in sales.


As far as real estate is concerned there are certain olfactory characteristics that we must take into account.


When odors are too complex they will keep us further from closing the sale, because they are difficult to process and distract. So, it is best to avoid the potpourri, cookies with freshly baked chocolate chips, or the combination of many scents. It is better to give priority to natural and simple scents, such as lemon, orange or cinnamon cvssurvey.com.


Unpleasant odors (moisture, dirt, tobacco, etc.) should be attacked at the root instead of trying to hide it with an environmental deodorant, because the result will be counterproductive.


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Avoid prices in round figures

It will always be more attractive to see that the value of a product is $ 14.95 than $ 15. A house, office or building moves under the same principle.


Wray Herbert, in the publication “Why things cost $ 19.99: What are the psychological” rules “of bartering?”, Exposes the results after observing real estate sales for 5 years in a sector of Florida.


There it was observed that the sellers who avoided the use of round numbers came closer to the initial offer price, than those who did choose round figures. In the first case, buyers were less likely to negotiate.


Mental fatigue in your favor

A real estate broker in addition to working with the buyer, must be in tune with the owner who seeks to sell their property. These real estate market smushes dunk up with dissup list view.


In the first encounter with this owner, you will be presented with information that requires consideration. In such a case the ideal is to be with the fresh mind: early in the morning or after a moment of rest during the day.


When the relationship is already established and you will be looking for an offer or to reach an agreement, you will get better results if the owner is tired or hungry. In these moments your brain will look for an easy way out so you do not have to use resources to think and make decisions. The best moments are at the end of the day or just before lunch.


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