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Apple iPhone “diving” type price cuts, you will consider?

Apple iPhone “diving” type price cuts, you will consider?

Near the end of the year, Christmas will be ushered in New Year’s Day, but Apple can’t be happy during these holidays. I must know that the same faithful fruit powder as Mingmei is the same as me. In the past two years, Apple has gradually declined. Whether at home or abroad, people have no enthusiasm for the sale of new Apple machines. As long as Apple releases new machines, there will be a lot of fruit powders around the world to buy. At that time, the panic buying was really a snap, and it was impossible to buy it later. Look at the three new machines this year, one of which has not become a bestseller. Many netizens think that the Apple mobile phone in the past two years has become more and more perfunctory in terms of innovation, and there is no bright spot at all. And its price is constantly rising, the price is not good.

It’s not a particularly unexpected thing since the iPhone was cold after the release of this year’s new product, but for the iPhone brand, which is at the top of the global smartphone industry pyramid and has sold more than 200 million units in the last three years, is it serious? Is it so far? It is a “diving” type of price reduction for new products that have been on the market for more than three months. How should the iPhone handle the contradiction between unit price and brand image?

Since this year’s new IPhone did not bring innovative features and high prices, the sales of the three IPhones this year have not met expectations, and the result is that Apple’s stock price has been falling – compared to this year’s stock price. The highest price drop at the highest has reached 35%, and now its market value is only 715 billion US dollars. The throne of trillions of market value has only been sitting for a few weeks.

Recently, Mingmei Unlimited I found that Apple’s official website of China’s official website launched a limited-time discount-reduction activity, users can use Apple’s old product discount for the new iPhone XR and iPhone XS, after the discount, only need to pay a minimum of 4399 yuan to redeem the iPhone XR, and the new iPhone XS can be exchanged for a minimum payment of 6,599 yuan after the offset. iPhone XR official price starts at 6499 yuan, iPhone XS starts at 8699 yuan, which means that consumers can get up to 2100 yuan with the old products in their hands. Calculated by offsetting discounts, this is the biggest offer that Apple has launched since it entered the Chinese market.

It is understood that the event will end on January 31, 2019, only applicable to Apple offline retail stores (including direct stores and authorized dealers), and the discount price of the original iPhone and authorized dealers may be Unlike the discount, the amount can only be used to purchase a new iPhone.A good understanding of Apple’s move, first in China and Germany have been “banned”! Subsequent progress in the Indian market was not smooth, all kinds of situations that were not conducive to Apple, resulting in the market value of Apple has evaporated 300 billion US dollars!

Finally, in the eyes of Mingmei, I think Apple’s price cuts are completely forced, but it’s hard to say that consumers don’t buy them.Nowadays, although Apple directly cuts the price, it offers a huge discount on the old-for-new activities. The discount is not to be missed for users who need to purchase. However, for Apple, this “price reduction” also shows that the sale is not good. Whether it can regain the market depends on how Apple did it.So, if you have any questions about Apple’s big promotion at the end of the year, you may wish to leave a message in the comments section to discuss with Mingmei.

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