Sports is a basic subject in the schools

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s call for the adoption of physical education in schools for the first time in Egypt did not take hours until the Ministry of Education was quick to respond to his request.

Al-Sisi spoke during the opening of a number of projects earlier this week on the importance of sports, and called for the provision of physical education material in schools, which will have success and repetition.

Government Took Action

The government action has raised many questions among the Egyptians. First, how will the students be tested in the subject of physical education? Are Egyptian schools that lack adequate study seats recognized by the Ministry of Education to have adequate sports facilities? Will the ministry implement the decision this year or postpone it to next year?

Sisi criticized the increase in the rate of obesity among Egyptians, and commented during the events of the second edition of the World Youth Forum in November last; the obesity among young people, calling for the need to lose university students half their weight.

Minister of Education

Tareq Shawqi said in televised statements that his ministry is considering how to implement what he called the presidential mandate, pointing out that it will announce the result as soon as the completion of its research.

Physical education is part of the recreational rations in schools, and is strongly accepted by students, which Egyptians call the “games”. While officials speak of student agility and physical health, international classifications confirm low educational service in Egypt. According to the World Economic Forum 2017-2018, Egypt ranked 129 out of 137 countries